Software Development

We build websites that not only fit your needs, but are also unique to your passions. Android applications also play a large part in what we do. Check out what we have already built, and even hire us!

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Custom Game Consoles

There's nothing we love more than gaming. We love modifying game consoles and even building custom handhelds with the raspberry pi. So when you want a watercooled Xbox one in your favorite color, or just want a full linux desktop in a dsi housing, you know who to hire.

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This is not for everyone. But we think it's incredible to see such a big community merging with technology. Even if you don't want a chip in your hand, or a magnet in your finger, you can learn all about it here.

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About Us


We started out in many different places at different times in our lives learning about technology and how to interface with it. But one thing brings us all together, our passion and love for it. We hope to create electronics and software that inspires the world. We hope to create a massive community of enthusiasts and DIYers. Your dreams are only an email away from becoming a reality.